b. Oxford, UK, 1987

Based in Brighton & Hove, UK

"I make small oil paintings on handmade gesso panels and my imagery combines sparse, dreamlike spaces with small, very detailed figures.

The process before I begin painting, of constructing my panels and coating them with a traditional gesso primer of rabbit skin glue and whiting, is laborious and hugely pleasing in itself. I feel there is value in this and like the idea that my works are seen as beautifully finished objects rather than sole emphasis being placed on the content of the two-dimensional painted surface.

My motives and inspiration as an artist are ephemeral, though largely my work draws on personal experience and feelings that resonate for me with intangible poignancy: vague, sun-drenched childhood memory, travel, relationships.

As source material I'm drawn to imagery with an aged, vintage feel: 70s and 80s family photographs, newspaper cuttings, postcards. I'm drawn to the obscure and mysterious; to that air of magic when a moment in time is frozen in an image, leaving us wanting to know more...

Curious figures in dappled vignettes; Mysterious kinship between potentially incongruous subject matter."


Awards and Experience

  • RUD AIR Artist in Residence, Dalsland, Sweden, October 2016

Artist in residence program: four weeks' retreat and open practice in an 1800's missionary house in rural south-west Sweden.

Four weeks' open studio practice and co-curation of group exhibition.

Short listed artist and subsequent winner of the 2008 prestigious Midas Award. Short list exhibition at Newlyn Gallery, Cornwall, UK; year's studio occupancy at Krowji Studios, Cornwall, UK; culminating exhibition at Anima-Mundi (formerly Millennium Gallery), St. Ives, UK.

Solo Exhibitions

Selected Group Exhibitions